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"The Revolution will be Feminist!"

A revolutionary feminist ethos constituted a major motif of the 2019-20 social uprising. Some of the most iconographic protest graphics were created by feminist visual artists, such as Lolo Góngora and Paloma Rodríguez; feminist collectives, such as the Brigada de Propaganda Feminista; and anonymous street artists. The central feminist issues that emerged over the course of the social revolution included recognition of and protections against gender-based violence, the autonomy of the body, and LGBTQ+ rights. Revolutionary strategies employed in the uprising went beyond street art. Feminist interventions in the political landscape included site-specific performances; public interventions; and the use of body art, balaclavas, and nudity as central devices for the reclamation of the female or “dissident” body. The feminist platform brought about a monumental achievement: gender parity in the Constitutional Convention, the body charged with writing a new national charter.

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